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Dental prosthesis (dentures)

It may be necessary to replace one or more of your natural teeth for various reasons.

The standard services we provide in our practice include various forms of restoration:

  • Fixed dentures (e.g. bridges or implants)
  • Removable dentures (prostheses)
  • Occlusal splints for an uneven bite or excessive wear on teeth resulting from grinding or pressing  

The reasons why teeth may need replacing include:

  • To maintain and restore diseased teeth
  • To restore perfect speech and chewing
  • To achieve a natural, attractive appearance  

During a detailed consultation Dr. Kátay will explain the suitable treatment options open to you. Sometimes a partial restoration is all that is necessary.

Our close partnership with with our colleagues working in jaw surgery and orthodontics enables us to provide a wide range of treatment options.

These dental procedures are carried out exclusively in the local German dental laboratory or in our own laboratory here in the practice.

Our accounts department can arrange for you to pay for the cost of your treatment over up to five months interest-free.