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Individual prophylaxis

A radiant, healthy smile is not a matter of chance – we can show you how you can come closer to achieving this through individual prophylaxis (preventive care).

Looking after your teeth gives you confidence

Cleaning your teeth regularly and correctly is the basis for maintaining attractive, healthy teeth. Following an initial examination by Dr. Kátay, our specialist dental assistant, Mrs Schmitz, will explain the common weak points in the way people clean their teeth every day. Together we will then develop a suitable care plan for you. Not only will this enhance your appearance, it will also ensure you can keep your own teeth permanently.

If your periodontium (tissue surrounding and supporting teeth) is already extensively damaged, Dr. Kátay will be happy to explain your options for ‘deep-cleaning’, including those using ozone, or for restorative treatment.

Effective prophylaxis requires regular appointments and check-ups, for which we have a recall system.

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